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Boston Market Menu Items Your Nutritionist Wants You to Avoid


Admittedly, if all your meal decisions were left up to a strict nutritionist, then you wouldn’t be going to fast-food and fast-casual restaurants at all. These places are the very antitheses of health-food centers. The food generally contains too much of the bad stuff that a nutritionist wants you to avoid. More often than not, your food contains too many calories and too much bad fats (saturated fat and trans fat), sodium, and added sugar. 

However, an increasing number of nutritionists and dieticians are realizing that a strict adherence to a restrictive diet may not be sustainable in the long run. There should be some exceptions to the restrictions, and even occasional visits to a fast-casual restaurant can actually help you stick to the right path to achieve your fitness goals. 

So, it’s not really bad for your health if you visit Boston Market every now and then. The food is delicious and the prices are right (see Boston Menu prices here). You just have to avoid going there too often. Then when you’re there, you should be mindful of how much you eat. 

Finally, it would really set your nutritionist’s mind at ease if you don’t order the following unhealthy items: 

Southwest Chicken Carver

You may have read somewhere that rotisserie chicken is a much healthier alternative to deep-fried chicken. That’s true, at least in general. But it depends on which item you get from the Rotisserie Chicken section of the menu. And of all the possible options in that section, this one might just be the worst for your diet (and your health). 

At first glance, the Southwest Chicken Carver doesn’t seem all that bad. In fact, it’s delicious as your rotisserie chicken is accompanied by such scrumptious additions like Cholula bacon, chipotle aioli, and Tillamook pepper jack. You’re even getting 57g of protein. 

But the problems with these additions isn’t the overall flavor. They add to the overall high sodium content, and the fat content is problematic as well. 

This has more sodium than any other chicken dish in the menu, as it loads you up with 2,300mg of sodium. That’s already more sodium than the amount of sodium you’re supposed to limit yourself for the entire day, as the RDA for sodium is about 2,300mg. And if you’re already on a low-sodium diet with a 1,500mg or even 2,000mg limit, then you’re really exceeding your diet parameters. 

And while this dish doesn’t contain any trans fat, it still comes with 19g of saturated fat. That’s a lot, considering that men aren’t supposed to go over 30g of saturated fat per day. High levels of saturated fat have been linked to reduced heart health, high cholesterol, and atherosclerosis. 

Even the calorie content at 1,110 calories isn’t all that good. That’s also rather high, especially when you can go with the quarter white skinless rotisserie chicken and only get 210 calories instead. 

Meatloaf Mac + Cheese Bowl

This is perhaps your worst option if you’re choosing among the ribs and meatloaf options. Sure, you’re getting 38g of protein. And you’re only getting 760 calories. That number of calories doesn’t seem too bad, until you realize that you’re getting over 100 calories more when compared to eating the rotisserie prime rib instead. 

You’re also getting 19g of saturated fat. Plus, it comes with 1.5g of trans fat. Consuming 1.5g of anything may seem trivial, but not with trans fat. You’re supposed to limit your trans fat to just 1% of your daily calorie intake. So, if you’re normally consuming 2,000 calories a day, that’s 20 calories—which translate to 2g of trans fat per day. 

Finally, the sodium content is too high here as well. This comes with 2,280mg of sodium, which means you’re sure to exceed your sodium RDA for that day. 

Sweet Potato Casserole

Even some Boston Market fans wonder a lot as to why the sweet potato casserole is part of the side dishes. It’s doesn’t really taste all that good, because adding marshmallows to sweet potato makes this dish just too sweet. And that’s not all—they also add brown sugar, molasses, vanilla, and corn syrup. 

This will load you up with 53g of sugar, which makes it by far the menu item with the most sugar outside the dessert section. And you’re also getting 440 calories. Basically, it’s a dessert. 

Chicken Caesar Salad

Some salads are healthier than others, and the chicken Caesar salad here at Boston Market is the unhealthiest of all the salads in the menu. It loads you up with 770 calories and 2,060mg of sodium, plus 13g of saturated fat and even 0.5g of trans fat. 

While you’re getting 49g of protein, every other salad option is better for your health. 

Carrot Cake

Most fast-food and fast-casual desserts aren’t exactly healthy for you, and some are just bad for you. When it comes to badness, this carrot cake takes the cake. 

At 730 calories, this has the highest number of calories among the desserts. And you’re also getting 79g of sugar, which is the highest when it comes to dessert sugar content. Just don’t! 

The ULTIMATE Healthy Carrot Cake Recipe (No Refined Sugar! Gluten Free!)


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