Equipment Used While Mobile Car Washing


Buying a car is a dream for many. While we check so many features and specifications of the car before buying it, maintaining it and keeping proper care of it is also very important.

Car washing and servicing are essential ways of giving proper care to your care.

If your busy schedule makes it difficult for you to go out and get your car washed, people can avail of mobile car washing services.

Mobile car washing is a professional service that brings car washing services to your doorstep.

In this article, we will discuss the pieces of equipment used while mobile car washing.

Skid Sprayer:

It is one of those pieces of equipment in mobile car washing that helps in high-pressure cleaning of the car.

It is used in various vehicle cleaning services and occupies the very initial part of the car washing process.

Pressure Washers:

This equipment is quite widely used in car washing. It helps clean the dirty and muddy surface of any vehicle with very high pressure using hot or cold water.

It is a very helpful tool for removing dirt and grease that is heavily layered on the surface of the vehicle.

It can cover a large surface area in a short span of time and helps in preventing injury that other tools cannot do.

Hot Water Generators:

Hot water is one of the catalysts that helps in fastening the car cleaning process. It secures one of the eminent positions in mobile car washing.

Hot water when combined with chemicals help in removing the layer of dirt present on the surface of a car.

Hot water generators are available in compact sizes that are easily portable.

Reverse Osmosis System:

The well-known reverse osmosis system is very helpful in providing spot-free rinse water.

It helps in washing the car with cleaner water, thus, this equipment is quite prominently used in mobile car washing systems across the world.

While it is helpful in cleaning the car with even clearer water, it helps in saving water by recycling it.

It helps the user to store lesser water and reduces water usage in the entire process of car washing.

Spray Guns and Extensions:

This is another piece of equipment that is used very much by mobile car washers. It helps in cleaning the car from almost all the parts and corners.

It is one of the compact tools that can be easily carried and promotes usage of lesser big-size tools.

Pumps and Pump Systems:

This is another piece of equipment that is used by mobile car washing services to ensure a high-pressure water supply while washing a car.

The most commonly used form of pump is the hydra-cell pump.

Upholstery Cleaners:

This is a tool that helps in cleaning the carpets and upholstery of the car. Thus, upholstery cleaners are widely used equipment used for cleaning the interior as well as interior accessories of the car.

It forms one of the most important spaces in mobile car washing services.

Soaps And Detergents:

One of the most important tools is soaps and detergents. Without soaps and detergents, it becomes quite difficult to remove dirt, grease, and stains that can be found on the upholstery or the external surface of the car.


These are pieces of equipment that have high power and have the ability to pull out dirt and sand that might get accumulated on the seats, seat covers, and carpets of the car.

Car Duster:

This is one of the simplest forms of equipment used in mobile car washing. It is generally used to remove dry dirt that gets accumulated on the interior as well as the exterior of a vehicle.

Common forms of dry dirt are dust, pollen grains, sand grains, and debris. Car dusters work smoothly on the ceramic coating and do not harm the coat of paint, however, they can leave some scratches over the coating.

Car Wash Sponge:

This piece of equipment is used to clean the car’s surface by wiping grease and stains on the car. It is paired with a shampoo to remove tough stains.

It traps dust and dirt and makes the interior as well as the exterior dust and dirt free.

Water Hose:

This is another piece of equipment that is used in car washing. It ensures an uninterrupted supply of water while cleaning the car.

Although it uses a lot of water, it can be used to give the car the last rinse, so as to remove any speck of dust or dirt that might have not been removed earlier.

These are the few pieces of equipment that are used by mobile car washing services. There are a number of other equipments that can be used for cleaning the car, however, the ones mentioned above are commonly found.


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