FIFA 23 – Sergio Ramos’ Predicted Rating at PSG


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Paris Saint-Germain is already a dominating force in Ligue 1, and this lessens the need for Sergio Ramos to be on the field as much as he did throughout his career, so a rating change is certainly on the cards for the Spanish legend.

Now at PSG, Sergio Ramos could still end his playing career on a high, retiring at one of the biggest clubs in Europe after leaving Real Madrid a year ago.

Still, the 36-year-old centre-back is a fighter, and he would certainly like to keep playing at the highest level even if his age seems like a limiting factor for a player of his credentials.

Ramos has been sparingly used by current manager, Christophe Galtier, and this would certainly impact the defender’s rating in FIFA 23.

With that in mind – and his increasing age factor too – Ramos could potentially see a FIFA 23 rating as predicted here:

(CB) Sergio Ramos’ Potential Player Rating: OVR 86 (-2)

  • Defending: 86 (-2)
  • Physicality: 84
  • Passing: 75 (-1)
  • Dribbling: 72 (-2)
  • Shooting: 67 (-3)
  • Pace: 68 (-2)

The strong and pacey defender has shown some steady signs of decline when he is on the field, most notably his speed and shooting ability (a rare trait for a centre-back).

Still, in football, external factors like on-the-field leadership, dressing room character, and a winning mentality are intangible aspects of iconic players like Ramos, and these should certainly be food for thought for many people who only look at him based on stats and figures only.

Nevertheless, even with his downgrades, Ramos would still be a valuable addition to any club in Europe, a testament to his quality and achievements made throughout his illustrious career!

Let’s wait and see what FIFA 23 has in store for Ramos come 30th September 2022 (Friday).

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