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How To Release Stress Through Music With AC?


There is no doubt music has a profound effect on emotion and body. With its stress-releasing property, it will help you feel alert and better.

Music with specific frequency can make you heal and concentrate better. Upbeat music can have more optimistic and positive experiences about life.  A slower tempo can make you feel relaxed and make your mind and muscles stronger. To help you feel soothed and relaxed, music has been used for so many years. 

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Most researchers have shown and confirmed several personal experiences with music. Around 60 beats of alpha brain waves per minute have a tendency to synchronize a human brain. There are certain specific frequencies such as 528 Hz frequency that help to relax your consciousness, induce sleep, and calm your mind. Listening to calm music for a specific time can change the brain’s functionality as meditation. Present your loved ones stress relief gifts to better manage stress and anxiety.

Table Of Content

  •  396 Hz Frequency To Relief Anxiety
  • 432 Hz Frequency To Feel Calm
  • 40 Hz Binaural Beats
  • Influence Of 528 Hz Frequency
  • Influence Of 440 Hz Frequency

396 Hz Frequency To Relief Anxiety

You may benefit from the 396 Hz frequency if you struggle with letting go of stress. It can relieve some of the negative emotions and energy that you may find yourself carrying around, such as doubt, fear, and guilt. The 396 Hz tone has been known to turn sadness into joy according to many users of solfeggio frequencies.  It is a fact that many people struggle with fear and anxiety. These obstacles pose an obstacle to reaching goals, taking action, and achieving spiritual self-realization. By tuning into the 396 Hz frequency, you will be able to overcome these feelings, gain self-confidence, and remove obstacles to your success, happiness, and inner peace.

432 Hz Frequency To Feel Calm

This frequency is known as Verdi’s ‘A’, named after Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi since it is theoretically consistent with the universe.

With 432 Hz music, you hear softer and brighter sounds, and it’s said to be easier on the ears and provide more clarity. Meditation music tuned to  432 Hz provides a relaxing experience for the body and mind, as well as making it more harmonic and pleasant than music tuned to 440 Hz, which most music we listen to today.  There is a significant spiritual development influence on the listeners of 432 Hz.  When you are looking for inner peace, listen to 432 Hz because it gives you more clarity. 

40 Hz Binaural Beats

A brain beat occurs when two tones are slightly different in frequency – one in each ear – and that difference corresponds to the frequency difference between the two tones. The term binaural beat refers to this type of beat. The concept of binaural beats is regarded as an auditory illusion. Binaural beats work when the two tones have frequencies less than 1000 Hz and their differences are less than 30 Hz. It is also necessary to listen to the tones separately, one through each ear.

Historically, binaural beats have been explored in music and sometimes used to tune instruments, such as pianos and organs. This potential frequency can better deal with several health benefits. 

Influence Of 528 Hz Frequency

The frequency of 528 Hz also reduces the total concentration of reactive oxygen species in brain tissue. When exposed to this wave frequency showed a reduction in anxiety-related behaviours after prolonged exposure. There is a link between reduced anxiety and increased testosterone levels in the brain, according to the study. 

Influence Of 440 Hz Frequency

Studies have shown that music at 440 Hz significantly reduces clinical anxiety levels, and emotional responses and perceptions of anxiety differ between musical frequencies. Rather than an innate pitch characteristic, it is likely that the reduction in clinical stress awareness is determined by the listener’s interpretation, associations, and mental constructions. It was noted, however, that music at 432 Hz had significantly lower salivary cortisol concentrations when compared with music at 805 Hz.

The presence of musical intervention at 432 Hz during dental treatment reduced salivary cortisol levels in comparison with the absence of it, without affecting the perception of anxiety in patients. Consequently, medicine musical therapy can be considered an effective, inexpensive, and non-invasive way to reduce dental anxiety in patients


The effects of music go beyond our psyches, as it has been proven to affect blood pressure, speed or slow down your heart rate, improve the quality of your sleep, reduce anxiety, and aid digestion. There are several stress relief gifts that you can purchase to help get rid of unfavourable anxiety and stress. 


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