How To Use Remineralization Gel To Save Money?


Remineralization gel is a newer dental product that can save your tooth’s enamel and make it stronger. It may also permanently fix what standard methods can’t, like discolored teeth.

Interested in saving money on costly dental treatments? All you need is a tube of remineralization gel and your toothbrush.

Remineralization gel is a product marketed for teeth whitening, although it’s actually meant to save money when used on other teeth. The remineralization gel can restore the enamel or surface of teeth that have suffered damage or discolored by things like fluoridation and drinking acidic foods. Not only can it do this, but the gel can repair what standard methods can’t: discolored teeth.

How Does Remineralization Gel Work?

When you brush your teeth, remineralization gel is applied on your toothbrush bristles. This thing coats each tooth’s enamel, creating a layer of protection within the tooth’s surface called a “shell. This shell prevents oxygenation of the tooth enamel, which weakens its ability to rebuild itself.

Since remineralization gel is applied on toothbrush bristles, it will coat the enamel of your teeth. When you brush your teeth, it coats the bristles and works as a seal. It’s like putting rubber on a conveyor belt that moves fast enough to prevent your toothbrush from scraping or breaking teeth. Not only does this seal protect the surface of your teeth, but once you’ve rinsed and brushed enough with remineralization gel you can see it has worked.

What Can Remineralization Gel Do?

Remineralization gel can do more than just protect your teeth from enamel loss. It can also repair teeth that have been damaged by things like:

Fluoridation – Fluoride is added to most of the water supply in homes and businesses, mainly to prevent tooth decay. Too much fluoride, however, can actually cause tooth decay instead of preventing it. Fluoride reacts with calcium and weakens your teeth’s defense against destructive acids in things like soda and orange juice. Remineralization gel forms a shell or barrier against the fluoride, so it no longer damages your tooth’s enamel.

Using Remineralization Gel Is Easy, But Is It Effective?

As oral health professionals, one of the most common questions we receive is, “Can I reduce tooth sensitivity with remineralization gel?”


The answer is yes. But if you’re looking for a deeper explanation, read on. There are many benefits to a daily remineralization routine that can help keep teeth healthy and resistant to tooth sensitivity. But before we delve into what remineralization gel does, let’s take a quick look at how tooth enamel becomes damaged in the first place — and how it can be repaired.

Enamel Decay and Tooth Sensitivity

When you eat and drink, sugars and acids enter the oral cavity through the pores in your teeth. Enamel consists mainly of a mineral called hydroxyapatite (HA), which is a crystalline structure that forms a hard protective layer on teeth.

When tooth enamel is exposed to the wrong kinds of food or drinks (sugary drinks, acidic foods), it can be damaged by solvents in these foods and drinks. If enamel is damaged it will lose its hardness (or “hardness index” – H.I.). When this happens, the surface of your teeth become soft or “sensitive.”

Sensitivities can occur on a tooth’s outer surfaces as well. If you’ve experienced sensitivity on the chewing surfaces of your teeth, it’s likely due to a loss of enamel due to decay.

The good news is that damaged enamel can be repaired. Remineralization therapy is a process of putting minerals back into your tooth enamel that was lost due to acid attack, erosion, or decay. The more you fill your mouth with food and drinks that are high in minerals and low in acid, the more remineralization you’ll get.

Remineralization Therapy

Remineralization therapy is an easy way to prevent tooth sensitivity. Every day, throughout your life, you’re probably eating and drinking a lot of sweets, acidic foods, and drinks. If those foods are your only source of nourishment, they can slowly destroy your tooth enamel over the years. Enamel is comprised of calcium phosphate (Ca3(PO4)2), which is a very weak mineral that can be dissolved by acids or eaten away by erosion.

Start Using Remineralization Gel The Right Way and Avoid These 9 Mistakes

Remineralization gel is a product that aims to help restore minerals and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, or iron back into the surface of the teeth. The gel is typically applied in the morning and at night for a period of approximately one week. There are many things that people can do wrong when applying remineralization gel to human teeth which can cause damage or painful experience for patients. Here are 9 mistakes you should avoid in order to prevent your lessons with remineralization gel from ending in tears:

1) Patients must apply remineralization gel precisely over each tooth not less than two minutes apart to achieve maximum effectiveness.

2) When applying remineralization gel for first time, it is best to do so in the morning after breakfast and at night before sleep on all and every tooth surface.

3) After the treatment with remineralization gel is over, consumers need not chew any food for 30 minutes.

4) Patients need to carefully rinse their mouth with water after 30 minutes. If there are stains left, re-application can be done within 24 hours.

5) If you don’t follow the instructions carefully, you will experience painful side effects such as a burning sensation or make your gum tissue swell. Typically, this is due to damage done to gums by acidity.

6) Patients who wear braces should apply the gel in accordance with their dental practitioner’s guidelines and on any remaining teeth during the treatment period. Special attention should be paid to ensure that no remineralization gel gets trapped inside the brackets or wires. It may cause irritation inside these products and increase pain for patients.

7) Do not apply remineralization gel onto dental crowns or veneers, it could be absorbed by them and cause damage.

8) Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after applying the remineralization gel. Do not eat or drink citrus fruits, cola drinks or alcohol beverages because these foods will lead to the breakdown of remineralization gel.

9) Make sure you follow the instructions carefully to avoid side effects when using remineralization gel. If they are too complicated to understand, contact your dentist or doctor first before using the product.


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