Study In Canada Vs. The USA: What’s The Better Choice?


When it comes to studying abroad, Canada and the USA are the favoured destinations for higher studies among students. Canada and the United States both provide the topmost opportunities for international students. The distinguished and well-structured education system, top-notch universities, and culturally diverse environment make both countries stand out from the rest.

However, some factors need to be considered before making the ultimate decision. These factors include the cost of studying, the availability of Canada visitor visa from India, student visas, meeting the eligibility criteria, and job opportunities. This article will help you decide more confidently by supplying you with the information you need.

Factors to Consider when deciding to Study in Canada or the USA:

1. The standard of Higher Education in the USA and Canada

Two hundred four universities featured in the QS World University Rankings of 2022 belong to the US and Canada. Out of which twenty-eight are Canadian Universities. Both countries have exemplary standards of education. 

2. Cost of Education

According to the studies, education in the USA costs more than in Canada. Education in public and private institutions is costlier in the USA than in Canada. Financial aid is also challenging to get in the USA compared to Canada. The tuition fees are also reasonable in Canada.

3. The quality of life

Before opting for the country of your choice for higher education, it is always advisable to learn about the quality of life in those countries. The factors deciding the quality of life are the cost of living, weather conditions, and health care. In the case of healthcare, Canada is a cheaper option as the healthcare is publicly funded there. The cost of living is on the higher side for both countries. 

But the USA is preferred over Canada regarding weather conditions because of its various climate zones. 

4. Immigration policies

International students have to go through various phases of the immigration process. First, they must get a student visa to study in a foreign country. Once your professional career starts, you must apply for a permanent visa. However, registering in programs such as the Saskatchewan immigration nominee program can make it easier for students to immigrate to Canada.

5. Getting a student visa

Getting a student visa in Canada is comparatively easier than in the US. The Saskatchewan immigration nominee program also makes getting a student visa in Canada easier.

Getting a student visa, especially for Indian citizens, is faster compared to other countries as they are eligible for Student Direct Stream (SDS). Applying for a Canada visitor visa from India is also a simple process that can be done online.

Both the US and Canada allow international students to work during and after the completion of their studies. However, unlike the US, Canada has an open work permit policy which will enable students to work in jobs unrelated to their study program.

6. Employment opportunities

In Canada, students are allowed to work for three years once they complete their graduation on a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). This helps them to get employed and opens the door for permanent residence. But in the USA, after the completion of graduation, you are not allowed employment unless you are sponsored.


Both countries offer excellent facilities and opportunities regarding to studying and jobs like teaching jobs in canada. However, students prefer Canada more than the US because of its lower living costs, lower education cost and easy visa process.


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