The World’s Top 3 Yoga Certifications


Because it teaches how to create the inner and outer balance that links all of mankind in harmony and peace, YOGI TIMES is an incredible gift to the world. If you’ve made it this far, regardless of whether you consider yourself a yogi or yogini, it means that you’re ready to start the process of getting certified as a yoga teacher so that you can help others achieve a sense of calm and equilibrium by teaching them privately or in a small group in your own home. After doing research on a variety of yoga teacher training programs, we decided to enroll in a 200- or 300-hour program that would lead to a Registered Teacher certification. The following shows have specific qualities in common with one another:

The practice of yoga consumes all of their focus.

Every one of them takes place at a gorgeous location on the other side of the world.

English is used as the medium of instruction for all of them.

They are all held in very high regard by the yogi community.

From the beaches of Hawaii’s Big Island to the mountains of the Himalayas, these yoga courses are offered in settings that will transport you to a true world of clarity, calm, and tranquility. We chose classes that were all offered at prices that were extremely reasonable and were led by qualified individuals holding advanced degrees. Here is a list of our top 10 recommendations for the best yoga certifications that are accessible everywhere in the globe, in case you are ready to begin or continue your adventure with yoga.


the number of evaluations as well as their overall quality that were provided by program-certified personnel (1/2).

Adequacy (1/2): The cost of maintaining the study program on a daily basis (many are all-inclusive).

  1. Hawaii’s Pahoa 200-hour RYT

This yoga certification school may be found on the Big Island of Hawaii, surrounded by 120 acres of tropical grandeur and lush vegetation. Beginners who are interested in beginning their journey toward becoming yoga teachers are ideal candidates for the 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification course that is included in this three-week program. This method incorporates Hatha and Vinyasa yoga in addition to a number of other approaches, such as breathing exercises, meditation, and other yoga positions. You will also learn how to create a safe and therapeutic atmosphere for your yoga practice by making use of alignment concepts. After a time of meditation and pranayama at the start of each day, we break for breakfast and then spend the afternoon studying asana practices, yoga technique, and different ways for teaching yoga. The afternoon classes may include subjects such as ethics, physiology, anatomy, and procedures used in restorative treatment. This program offers lodging for a total of 20 nights, three meals per day, daily yoga instruction, and a certificate of participation from the Yoga Alliance validating 200 hours of yoga practice. This whole certification process will set you back a total of $3,980. This training program is at the top of our list since it has received a significant number of outstanding reviews and offers an incredible value.

  1. The Arcata 200-Hour Ropes Course in California

In this three-week, 200-hour course offered in Arcata, California, students will learn how to teach yoga. The Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary is located nearby, and it is there that participants may fully immerse themselves in the practice of yoga while being surrounded by saltwater marshes and hundreds of different kinds of birds. Your lodgings are made entirely of recyclable materials and other environmentally friendly components from start to finish. This program will aid you in improving your whole yoga practice by combining a Vinyasa flow with Hatha yoga postures. There will be lectures on a variety of topics, including as anatomy and physiology, awareness of the breath, tactics for relaxation, pranayama, and others. Ayurveda, the Upanishads, Patanjali, and the chakra system are some of the other subjects that students will have the opportunity to learn about throughout their time in school. You will be eligible to submit an application to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) after you have finished this program, which has been recognized by the Yoga Alliance. Your program includes not only daily yoga instruction but also a Yoga Alliance certification as well as lodging for a total of 21 nights. Prior to beginning the evening’s programming once you have arrived, you will first partake in a meal with the other participants and the instructors. There will be meditation, breakfast, and yoga postures in the mornings, and restorative yoga, yoga knowledge, and yoga ethics in the evenings. The mornings will start with meditation, and the mornings will end with yoga positions. This course may be purchased for a total of $3,060. This training program is at the top of our list since it has received a significant number of outstanding reviews and offers an incredible value.

  1. Hawaii’s Pahoa 300-hour RYT

By enrolling in this regular package, cycle program in Pahoa, Maui, you will have the opportunity to advance both your yoga practice and your teaching of yoga. During the 33 days that you will spend honing your talents as a yoga instructor, you will call the Kalani Retreat your home away from home. During your time on the Big Island of Hawaii, you will be surrounded by the lush, tropical splendor of the region. Attending this program is recommended for yoga practitioners with some experience who are already at the intermediate level. The beginning of a normal day may begin with a calming morning meditation or a stroll along the beach, which is then followed by a gentle practice of yoga and asana. After lunch, you will have some free time to learn about Yoga Nidra for a few hours before supper, and you may look forward to this opportunity. Your evening will come to a close with your evening group, during which you will likely take part in various projects and presentations. Students can be assigned readings to do outside of class time, or they might have to prepare for presentations in the evenings. Because of its convenient location and the high praise received from a large number of customers, we have placed this vacation spot at the top of our recommended list. This course lasts for 33 days and 30 hours, and it costs $5,828.


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