What are the best types of wood for indoor furniture?


What strikes your mind when you think about indoor furniture material? The best type of wood! Yes, you guessed it right. You all want the best wood for indoor furniture. So, let’s talk about it. 

There are many options when we talk about the material for indoor furniture. But what is better than wooden furniture? Timber is a robust indoor material that fits seamlessly into any home interior. Other materials like iron, aluminum, log, and plastic are better for outdoor purposes. It only demands proper care and lasts for more than decades. 

Be it a coffee table, sofa set, dining table, dresser, or bed and bamboo sheets set- the right type of wood can make all the difference in a buyer’s experience. Wood is present in many diverse across the world. Therefore, it is fascinating to know the various types of wood/timber that fit perfectly for indoor furniture. 

If you are still not sure, here are some incredible examples of wood types for you:

  1. Oak
  2. Walnut
  3. Maple
  4. Cherry
  5. Sapele
  6. Zebrano


The best wood type is the one that fits into your home décor, and budget, and endures all the wear and tear. Oak is one of those kinds if that is what you are looking for. It is one of the strongest and most classic choices for indoor furniture. Typically, most people prefer oak in its European brown color. However, the Americano oak color is trending for its diversified look. In addition, pale and red oak are in-demand for contemporary and scandi furniture. 

Light and subtle oak is a classic choice for most Americans. You are more likely to find light oak coffee and dining tables through European furniture Also, it’s a budget-friendly material for hardwood furniture.


This wood type is for those who love to add a dark touch to their home interior. Walnut is a robust furniture material that has a dense outlook. It’s an outstanding choice that adds character to your lifestyle. With dark brown and purple hues, walnut wood greatly impacts the home outlook. Moreover, most industrial setups use this dark wood to create a modern theme. If you want to break the norms of subtle indoor furniture, go for a chocolate brown coffee table. 


These kinds of wood include American Hard Maple, which creates beautiful furniture because of its creamy white color and golden tones. A bright, airy design incorporating maple is perfect for modern interiors, particularly Scandinavian ones. Also, maple comes from very old trees, making it even more hard-wearing for regular homes. So, go for this wood type if you prefer a long-term investment.


Cherry is the most desirable wood type for its pinkish-brown color and natural wooden pattern. That lining and pink hues make it even more attractive in its raw form. Many Americans prefer cherry for their indoor furniture because of its natural beauty. This one is the best choice if you want to create a farmhouse kitchen in a modern style. It’s naturally straight-lining makes it a perfect fit for every home décor. And curved designs are not an issue with cherry wood.  


If you wish to deviate from the traditional lighter wood to a reddish one, Sapele wood is your answer. Its mahogany hues are desirable for many interior experts. Moreover, it’s an excellent choice to contrast with a neutral home interior. So, get robust European furniture from Winport and watch out for the instant home transformation. Indoor luxury pieces also use cherry for the lush outlook. 


A mixture of dark brown and cream colors is the one Zebrano is known for. As the name suggests, this kind of wood has natural dark and light stripes, just like a zebra. That is why it is also named zebrawood. This African hardwood can make a bold statement in your home décor. Plus, it is decorative in its design and style. Therefore, there is no need to accessorize its worktop or dresser. Because of its exotic look and rarity, Zebrano comes with a hefty price tag compared to cherry, oak, and maple wood. 


Timber is hardwood is that made to last in homes and offices. Several wood types can work in your living space. But, indoor furniture demands class, scratch resistance, and endurance. Oak, maple, cherry, and walnut are robust wood types. However, Zebrano and Sapele are perfect if you want to be exotic and unconventional with your choices. Choose the best one from the list above. 


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