Warehousing and Storage: 6 Basic Functions


Warehousing and storage are two fundamental functions of any business that desires to maintain a smooth process of goods flowing in and out. A good warehouse and storage can only be functioning smoothly when they have been maintaining the basics properly. Here are the six basic warehousing and storage functions:

1. Receiving

Receiving is accepting goods at a warehouse and ensuring that those goods are accounted for. In essence, it’s the first step in the warehousing process. Receiving ensures that goods are received promptly and can be logged into inventory systems to be tracked from here on out.

The receiving must be handled properly because it ensures that the necessary shipment is done properly. On the other hand, one or two shipments can get stuck behind another order due to poor planning.

2. Inspection

When you have finished your warehouse design and construction, you will need to know how to inspect your inventory and ensure it is safe.

Inspecting your inventory allows you to ensure that the items are not damaged or defective. You may also utilize this procedure to guarantee that every item is stored correctly and in a manner that is appropriate for your company.

Inspection is not the same as quality control, although both are important in warehousing and storage operations. Quality control is used on products before they leave a warehouse, while inspection occurs after they enter storage.

3. Storage

Storage is for keeping goods in warehousing and storage facilities until they are needed. It’s an important part of the supply chain because it allows businesses to keep their inventory at a minimum, which helps them save money on storage costs and reduces waste. The best way of maintaining good storage is by seeing what kind of product is in the store.

  • Using pallets
  • Using racks with shelving

4. Handling

Handling is the process of moving goods from one location to another. It can be manual or automated; in the latter case, it involves using machines to move items around a warehouse or storage facility. Manual handling is done by hand and frequently necessitates workers lifting big goods. Automated handling is usually done with cranes or forklifts that can lift heavier loads than humans can ever hope for.

5. Dispensing

Dispensing is one of the six basic functions of warehousing and storage. It refers to taking goods out of storage, whether manually or automatically.

Dispensing can be performed by hand or with automated equipment such as cranes and forklifts, which makes it possible to move products quickly and efficiently throughout your facility.

6. Shipment

This is the classic function of warehousing and storage. You’re not just moving goods from one place to another; you’re transporting them from place to place so they can be sold in different locations. When it comes to choosing the best mode of transportation for your products, there are a few things you need to take into account. First, while shipping, decide which product is most important. It is because there is nothing better than fast delivery. Based on that, make sure what way of transporting you are going to use.

When preparing goods for shipment or arrival at their destination warehouse, keep these tips in mind:

  • Efficient packing saves wastage of money or cost money on extra packing material.
  • Ensure all items are labeled with barcodes that accurately reflect their contents. This saves time when scanning.

Warehousing and storage are important functions for every business:

Warehousing and storage are important functions for every business that desires to maintain a smooth process of goods flowing in and out. Receiving, inspection, storage, and handling are the first four steps in the warehouse & storage process.

This is where goods are stored after arriving at your warehouse or storeroom. It can be used for storing any type of product with different sizes, shapes, weights, etc.


Apart from the goods handling, it handles the involvement of a lot of other functions that keep the process smooth as well as help in reducing costs. The six basic warehouse and storage functions discussed in this article can be used to understand better how these systems work and what they can do for your business.


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