Why Irish Whiskey Is The Drink To Be Seen With


If you want to be seen as a connoisseur of fine spirits, Ireland has the drink for you: Irish whiskey. It’s easy to understand why Irish whiskey is becoming so popular. Forget about trying to explain how Scotch and bourbon are different from each other—it’s even harder to explain Irish whiskey! But once you try it, you’ll find that there’s much more to this spirit than meets the eye. If you’re thinking about adding Irish whisky (as it’s properly known) to your home bar or gift list this holiday season, read on for five reasons why this golden elixir deserves its newfound popularity.

Irish whiskey is the fastest growing international spirits category in the world.

Irish whiskey is the fastest growing international spirits category in the world, with revenues increasing by 6.8% in 2016. The US accounts for more than half (52%) of all sales outside of Ireland and Northern Ireland, where it’s made.

Since 2013, Irish whiskey has also been the fastest growing distilled spirit category in Australia, with annual growth rate of 22%.

Dublin has a long history of whiskey making.

Dublin has a long history of whiskey making. In fact, Dublin was the center of whiskey production during the 18th century and is where most Irish Whiskey brands originated from. In 1980, the Irish Whiskey Act changed how whiskey was made by introducing minimum aging requirements for Irish Whiskeys that were produced in Ireland. This made it difficult for small distillers to compete with large brands that could afford to age their whiskeys longer than required by law.

Irish whiskey and Scotch differ in their methods of distillation.

Irish whiskey and Scotch differ in their methods of distillation. Irish whiskies are distilled three times, making them lighter, smoother and less smoky than Scotch. That’s because in Scotland they use malted barley, while in Ireland they use unmalted barley.

Because of those differences, the stills used to make Irish whiskey are also different from those used to make Scotch. The pot still is the main one used by all distillers today—it’s essentially a giant copper kettle with a long neck that protrudes above the surface of the liquid being distilled (think of it like an oversized teapot). Pot stills can only be used once before they’re retired and dismantled; this means there are fewer pot stills around today than column stills or other types of distillation equipment that don’t require large-scale recycling programs (which we’ll get into later).

The most popular way to drink it is neat, with a splash of water or on the rocks.

Irish whiskey is best served neat — no ice, no water. It’s also delicious with a splash of water or on the rocks. Recommended serving temperature for Irish whiskey is 43-46 degrees Celsius (110 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit). If you’re unsure whether or not your glassware is cool enough, try this test: Hold it in your hand for 5 seconds and see if there’s condensation. If there is, then it’s ready to be served!

The perfect Irish whiskey glass should be tall and thin so that the aromas are enhanced by both rising up out of the glass and being concentrated inside before being released into your nostrils when you sip it. The ideal shape would be like an inverted bell curve; wide at the mouth with narrow base so that there’s more surface area inside where all those wonderful smells can get trapped while they wait patiently until they’re released into your nose hole like tiny little angels coming home from work late at night after some kind of crazy day where nothing went quite as planned but still got done somehow anyway because teamwork makes everything okay even though sometimes people don’t see eye-to-eye on things which causes friction between them but eventually works itself out because compromise isn’t always easy but worth trying nonetheless because nobody wants things getting worse than they already were—and maybe something good will happen too!

There are several brands of Irish whiskey to try.

There are several brands of Irish whiskey to try. Among the most popular are Jameson, Bushmills, Redbreast and Green Spot. If you’re looking to expand your horizons beyond your go-to drink, this is a great time to start.

You may have already tried Irish whiskey with Coke or ginger ale but now it’s time for something new! Try mixing it with soda water and ice for an easy cocktail or just neat straight up for a true taste experience.

There are many reasons why Irish whiskey is becoming so popular.

  • Irish whiskey is a great drink for people who like whiskey.
  • Irish whiskey is a great drink for people who are interested in Irish culture.
  • Irish whiskey is a great drink for people who like to travel, because it’s unique and tastes different from other types of whiskeys, which makes it easy to order at bars around the world without looking like an idiot!
  • Finally, Irish whiskey is also a wonderful way to try something new: if you’re not sure what type of alcohol will suit your tastes best, try some Irish whiskey! It has such distinctive characteristics that even seasoned drinkers will find themselves surprised by how much they end up enjoying this particular liquor


Irish whiskey is becoming more popular every day, and it’s easy to see why. The flavor is complex and smooth, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced drinkers. Irish whiskey is also a great way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or any other occasion!


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