Ask Your Doctor These Questions Before Getting a Facial Aesthetic Treatment



There are numerous reasons why you might consider getting an aesthetic treatment. Perhaps to enhance specific facial features, or you just want to look younger and more attractive.

When you receive a cosmetic procedure – whether it’s a facial, injectables, or just a peel, you should always ensure that you are using the services of a professional who understands the procedure and the risks involved.

But how do you acquire all that information?

You ask, of course.

Here are some questions to ask your aesthetician before getting a cosmetic procedure:

Ask About Their License and Credentials

The first question you should ask your aesthetician is the kind of credentials they have. Trust me; you would prefer not to have someone without the proper license or credentials getting anywhere near your skin or face. Most dermatologists and licensed dental practices have the right skills and certifications to carry out facial aesthetic treatments like hyaluronic acid fillers.

Ask Which Procedure they Would Recommend for you

You may already have a certain procedure in mind, but you should have a discussion with your aesthetician during consultation about choosing the best treatment plan for you. Although the final decision is yours, the doctor will be able to give you an educated view of the situation and propose a series of treatment options that may suit you.

Ask how Often him/her Performs this Procedure

Although there are exceptions, a doctor who frequently performs a procedure would make more sense for you because they’ve had more time to refine their techniques and become experts or specialists.

Ask if there are before and after pictures available for you to see

A doctor who doesn’t provide before and after photos of their previous work might not be the best person to perform your procedure. The plus side of seeing the outcome of different types of patients who’ve had the same procedure will help you get a practical sense of the doctor’s skills and how your aesthetic treatment may look.

Ask about the Costs

Because most cosmetic procedures or treatments are deemed elective, they are not covered by insurance. These procedures are most likely expensive and their prices can vary among practices. To avoid surprises or hidden fees, ask for a detailed overview of the pre-op and post-op care costs to budget accordingly.

Ask About What you Should do Before a Procedure

Whether you will need to suspend your normal skincare routine before the treatment or lose weight prior to a body contouring procedure, you’ll want your doctor to give you a perception of any pre-operative guidelines or instructions. That way, you can prepare for any impact the procedure might have on your daily life.

Ask Whether the Procedure will Require Anesthesia

Knowing the type of sedation or anesthesia needed will inform you on whether or not you will require assistance post-op.

Ask About the Downtime Associated With the Procedure

While there are some facial aesthetic procedures that are minimally invasive procedures and require little recuperation time, the majority of surgical procedures will require a handful of days for recuperation. Request that your doctor breaks down the recuperation time, how soon you can resume normal activities, and the side effects to expect.

Ask About the Results to Expect and how to Maintain them

Finally, ask your doctor about the kind of outcomes to expect from your procedure. How drastic will the changes be on my skin? Will the results be instantly noticeable, or will they need some time to develop? And the most important question is, ‘how can you maintain these changes to make them last? Having a sense of the outcome of any procedure and the adjustments you may need to maintain them will keep you happy and satisfied with the results.

The Takeaway

Choosing to get facial aesthetics is an important decision to make in itself, but finding the right doctor to meet your needs is crucial to achieving the best outcome. Scheduling initial consultations with a minimum of two providers and going armed with the above questions will help to narrow down your search.


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