EZDERM EMR Software And Its Reviews


This article will discuss the features of EZDERM, the company’s customer service, and the software’s price. The EZDERM EMR team is always responsive to support requests, and they quickly implement requested changes. Additionally, EZDERM helps dermatologists meet MIPS requirements, which can be complicated with other EHR software. It also helps track procedures ordered and performed, allowing dermatologists to keep track of their patients without having to use email. EZDERM has a feature that the leading dermatology EHR competitor lacked: integration of EHR and Practice Management. The EHR competitor, however, was expensive, and there was no PM integration.


EZDERM EMR is a cloud-based mobile EHR that is specifically designed for dermatologists. With an intuitive user interface, it allows dermatologists to access and update patient records wherever they are, no matter what device they’re using. It also comes with a prescription manager that helps track medication administration and helps dermatologists better document patient visits.

This cloud-based solution allows for streamlined documentation, billing, and scheduling. Offers easy image comparison, automated coding, and real-time documentation. It is flexible, secure, and compatible with other systems. Also responds quickly to support requests, making it an excellent choice for dermatologists.

EZDERM is a comprehensive electronic health record for dermatology practices that combines practice management, billing, and practice management features into a single, integrated system. It is compatible with iOS devices, allowing dermatologists to access it on the go. The software’s user-friendly interface and customizable settings make it easy for dermatologists to use it and customize it to their specific needs. The platform also supports HCFA, workers’ compensation and other insurances.

EZDERM EMR also includes a patient intake form, which makes it easier to keep track of your patients. It also allows you to send prescriptions electronically. Moreover, it provides you with current drug-to-drug interactions, allowing you to make informed decisions about the medications your patients need.

EZDERM’s 3D Body Map visual interface helps dermatologists document patient encounters in a timely and accurate manner. Its integrated EHR and PMS allow dermatologists to document patient encounters in a seamless manner. Dermatologists cannot afford to spend time on an inefficient EHR. Furthermore, the new MACRA regulations will require dermatologists to document their patient encounters in a structured manner, eliminating any ambiguities in the process.

EZDERM Customer Service

I was very impressed with the customer service I received from EZDERM. Their representatives are very helpful and responsive, and they were able to implement my requests right away. Moreover, EZDERM was very easy to learn and use, and the user interface was intuitive and user-friendly. I was also impressed with their customer service department, which prioritized my requests for change.

EZDERM provides dermatologists with an EHR that integrates practice management and medical billing. It is fully mobile and works on any internet-connected device. The EHR has a user-friendly interface and is highly customizable to meet the needs of dermatologists. Its cloud-based platform is convenient to use, and its mobile capability means it’s accessible on the go. It also allows doctors to capture images and track their progress.

EZDERM Functionality

EZDERM is a cloud-based EMR and practice management solution that gives dermatologists the flexibility to document, schedule, and communicate with patients. It is incredibly easy to use and can be accessed from any device. It offers flexible documentation, automatic coding, and real-time image comparison.

To access EZDERM, you must first enter into a contract with EZDERM. This contract will outline the rights and responsibilities of you and EZDERM. It will also specify pricing, payment terms, and limitations on the number of users you can connect to the software. Some contracts may be for a fixed period of time, while others may have a recurring subscription fee. It is important to review the terms and conditions and enter an acceptable contract before using the system.

EZDERM functionality will help you build patient loyalty and practice revenue by automating patient appointment reminders. You can also use automated appointment reminders to help your patients find preferred pharmacies. These features will help you increase revenue and save time. Using EZDERM can make your practice more efficient and profitable.


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