The Benefits of Cladding Lifts Everyone Should Know About


Unless you possess superhuman strength like Samson or the Hulk, chances are you cannot carry heavy pieces of cladding on your own. A team effort can go a long way, but it can also take a long time. Manual effort is tiresome and could result in injury to persons or damage to the cladding material. As construction is an industry that emphasises the interdependence of man and machine, acquiring and using equipment like cladding lifts will expedite the installation of overlays.

Sometimes, handy equipment is more efficient than several pairs of hands. Read on to learn the advantages of lifts for cladding materials.

Safety for Workers

Workplace safety is no trivial matter. While physical strength and endurance are prerequisites for construction jobs, the human body has its limits. Lifting heavy cladding materials can damage the muscles and joints, injure the spine, or even rupture cardiac arteries, leading to paralysis or death. Incorrect lifting methods can cause fresh injuries or aggravate old ones. With the proper equipment to do all the heavy lifting, the construction company can (literally) take the load off workers’ shoulders. This way, you can avoid lawsuits and dodge a severe blow to your reputation for neglecting occupational health and safety (OHS) standards.

Minimises Damage to Materials

As cladding material usually comes in large dimensions, scraping, breaking, or chipping part of it might require total replacement. In Australia, glass costs approximately $200 per square metre, while granite costs $250–500 per square metre. Racking up bills for damages will result in severe losses of money and morale. Sourcing replacement materials will take time and throw the project off schedule. If the clients seek an explanation for the delay, it would be embarrassing to admit that the methods were wrong and efforts were in vain. Devices like cladding lifts keep things from breaking and people from breaking into a cold sweat when things go downhill.

Less Time-Consuming

Machinery eases and partially eliminates the need for manual work. You can get more work done with fewer people in less time. As lifts are engineered to ensure impeccable precision, the team will not have to fritter away time correcting or redoing faulty installations. Checking major tasks off the list is infinitely more satisfying than staring at words like “pending,” “incomplete,” and “overdue.” Finishing projects will make room on the company’s calendar for other projects.


Lifts for cladding materials can be independent workers or team players. If their reach and range are adequate, you can use them as they are. Suppose you need to reach new heights or install cladding in awkward environments or uneven surfaces. In that case, cladding lifts and forklifts are a trusty twosome. Pair them up and put them into action.

What to Enquire About Before Purchasing Lifts for Cladding Materials

Carrying Capacity

Carrying capacity is the weight the lift can bear. Some lifts can bear as little as 50 kg (the weight of a bag of cement), while others can bear a whopping 800 kg (the weight of an adult giraffe).

Number of Suction Cups

The number and placement of suction cups influence the lift’s grip on the cladding material.

Tilt and Rotation

The arms of the lift should have a good tilt and rotation range. 90° and 360° are ideal ranges for tilt and rotation, respectively. Find out if you have to perform these functions manually or with remote control.

Material Compatibility

Some lifts are suitable for transporting and installing only one cladding material, while others can be versatile, supporting overlays made of stone, laminate, plastic, wood, and glass.

Wrapping Up

Get lifts to install your layers. With them on the scene, you won’t have to worry about broken backs, broken hearts, or broken glass.

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