5 Simple Ways to Help your Depressed Teenager


If you have a teenager in the house, you are most probably dealing with their silence, tantrums, and mood swings. Teenage is a crucial age for character development, and it is essential to notice signs of mental health deterioration. Depression in the adolescent years, however common, requires proper attention. In severe cases, consult a Psychiatrist in Islamabad or one you trust.

Warning signs of teenage depression

Due to the raging hormones, a teenager may behave in annoying ways. Although emotional episodes may be something normal, there are a few signs that you should be aware of to know if your child is going through depression. Warning signs for teenage depression include:

  • Social withdrawal
  • Hopelessness
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Loss of interest
  • Lower grades
  • Anger episodes
  • Fatigue
  • Changes in appetite
  • Suicidal conversations

If these symptoms continue for more than a week, it can indicate depression. If you feel the situation is worse than you thought, get in touch with a Psychiatrist at your earliest.

Helping your teenager with depression

Depressed teenagers are often unaware of their condition. Parents and others in their surroundings can identify their behaviors and take steps to help them out.

1.      Ask and listen

Teenagers need careful handling and need to be tactful. Make sure not to pester them with questions out of nowhere. Talk to them casually and ask them about their behavior that you feel is concerning. For example, you may ask them about social withdrawal by saying, “I have noticed you have not been hanging around with your friends for a while, is everything okay?”

You can also ask if something is bothering them, but keep your tone calm and collected.

Once they are ready to talk, pay attention to what they are saying. Wrap up everything else and listen to your child’s problems or issues. It is also crucial to avoid giving an extreme reaction to what they are sharing with you because it may cause an outburst and discourage them from sharing anything with you.

2.      Give them a break

We all want our children to be perfect. Parents often emphasize teenagers doing chores and all the tasks well. While it is a good thing to teach children responsibility and disciple, if they are experiencing depression, it may be hard for them to do that. Depression is a concerning illness, and it can make it exhausting for people to do everyday tasks, even getting out of bed sometimes. Understand that they are unwell and cut them slack instead of getting angry with them as it may aggravate the mental health issue.

3.      Get them support

A hug can make you feel better when you are low, but it cannot make you feel better when you have depression. Listening and talking to your teenage child is also not enough sometimes, as they may not be able to express themselves freely. They may need professional help such as therapy, where they can resolve their internal conflicts.

4.      Encourage socializing

Friendship is a vital part of life. Even though parents, siblings, and teachers can be friends, having friends in the outside world is essential for character development. Guide your children on forming healthy bonds with friends and building a support system outside their family. It helps them stay connected to the world, and they may be able to create a support system outside the family.

5.      Avoid judging and criticizing!

Teenagers are often isolated when they feel judged. It is natural for people of all ages to avoid judgmental people. Nagging them about failing or comparing them with others can also create a barrier between you and your child. They may stop sharing anything if they feel you will judge them for their behavior or reply with a taunt. Instead, try to help them through a difficult situation by communicating with them carefully.


Teenage depression is becoming a common mental health concern globally. To get the treatment, it is crucial to identify the problems and look for ways to help your child through the testing time.

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